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The Flag Shop Alberta - Organizations We Support

The Flag Shop Alberta is honoured to support charities and NGOs, both locally and on an international basis.

Save A Life Society & No More Cruelty

Save a Life, No More Cruelty

We are proud to be the home of a rescue dog from Taiwan, a Formosan Mountain dog named Hibo. Hibo was a stray that was hit by a car in late 2015. He had a leg amputated, and even though he was adorable and sweet, no one was interested in adopting him. Enter our owner, Phyllis Bright (centre), who didn’t let that stop her. She was pleased to come in contact with the Save A Life Society, which has rescued about 1000 dogs from sure death, since 2008. Shown here are Renee Hsieh (left) from the SAL Society, Crystal Chiang (right) who happens to be the marketing manager of The Flag Shop head office, but also assists with animal rescue efforts through her own group No More Cruelty. While we understand that there are lots of rescue organizations in Canada who do an amazing job, and are much appreciated, the kill rate is much less. Hibo is now our official greeter at The Flag Shop Edmonton, and though he sleeps through most customers’ visits, is happy to greet people when he is awake.

Dogs with Wings Society

Dogs with Wings

We are also the proud sponsor of Dogs with Wings Society. This is an organization that trains service dogs for a variety of clients – from people in wheel chairs to autistic kids. The dogs from DWW make a huge difference to the lives of the people they are paired with.

The Flag Shop Alberta donated 2 Omega Feather Flags with steel bases. We are also sponsoring the training of little puppy Iggy (photo on the right) for the next 2 years, so he can grow into an awesome service dog.

We also provide marketing materials for the organization.

Christmas Bureau

Christmas Bureau of Edmonton

You wouldn’t think that the Christmas Bureau needs a tent – it is not a winter accessory. But they are active all year round and the tent donated by The Flag Shop helps to keep the volunteers cool in the bright sunshine of an Edmonton Summer.

Out Jasper

Out JasperWe have partnered with Out Jasper, The Jasper Pride Festival, The Edmonton Pride Festival and have provided goods to Startup pride organizations all over northern Alberta.

We also support the Alberta Huntington’s Society, the Winnifred Stewart Society and L.Y. Cairns School.










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